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Default Re: The Darkness 2 up for pre-order on steam

I got the first one on teh 360. bought it used on ebay for around fifteen bucks.

the developers did an AMA on reddit not too long ago discussing this second game and how they're (claiming) making legit attempts to do the PC version some justice.

I chimed in and basically told them that PC users expect proper DX11, higher resolution textures and a decent amount of graphics customization and proper FOV support and that simply being able to run the game at higher than 720p does not equal better looking.

I didn't get a reply from them so who knows if they read it or cared but I got a few replies from others pretty much saying I was wasting my breath and that there aren't any developers who care about PC and to deal with whatever it is they happen to put out on pc and just to be glad I get anything.
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