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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by ninelven View Post
And yet... you didn't answer my questions. Quite frankly, it is because you can't.

The problem with Fermi relative to GCN is not texturing efficiency or ROPs efficiency, it is compute unit (shader) efficiency, but I digress...

So Tahiti has more than 2.3x the Flops and more than 2.3x the texture fill but only performs ~1.4x better than Fermi. That sounds pretty inefficient to me. /sarcasm

We've only seen it in gaming, not computing performance though....And of course i can't answer how much space does each unit takes up die space wise since only the engineers the designed it would know such details and their capabilities.....Here's a picture of Fermi and just one shader block:

Look at the texture units in blue, so as Nvidia adds more shader blocks they also add more texture units since they're built in, same for the tesselation hardware too while i'm at it.

I wouldn't say it's the compute units exclusively as the Rops and texture units are decoupled relative to the shader block wich is a practice AMD has been doing for a while, unlike Nvidia wich for each shader block you automatically add more texturing units...Here's one compute unit on tahiti:

Here's the entire thing and the texture units are seperate from the shader blocks, and so are major components of the graphics portion, such as tesselation

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