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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by shadow001
but adding even more of same ROPS is pointless, as it was proven with the 32 ROPS on tahiti wich is 50% less than on Fermi, and Fermi gets it's ass kicked hard.....
I already covered how this was wrong in my first post, but you apparently refuse to understand. I can only conclude that you are now being intentionally dishonest and simply trolling.

But just in case it REALLY didn't sink in the first time, here it is again

Originally Posted by ninelven
Although Fermi has 48 ROPs, it can only put out 2 pixels per SM per clock, which equals 32 (16 SM x 2 = 32PPC). The stock clock of the GTX 580 is 772 vs 925 for the 7970, which makes the 7970 20% faster. The 7970 also has a 37% bandwidth advantage over the GTX 580. Looking at the numbers from your first graph 13.33 / 9.75 = 1.37 or a 37% advantage for the 7970 indicating that bandwidth is the limiting factor and exactly what one would expect.
Look kid, if you have such a great such a great understanding of these matters, you should be employed in the industry or patenting your ideas and selling the IP. By all means, apply to Nvidia for a job or email their engineers with your improvements to their designs. I'm sure they would love to hear from you personally. But don't waste your time posting vague nonsensical statements on a fansite without any actual evidence to back up your claims; that just makes you look like an ignorant troll. Anyway, I'm done here.
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