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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I don't think Apple is overpriced. Every laptop I've owned was at least $4000 and that includes models from Apple and Dell. The most expensive one was actually a Dell.
And it wasn't a gamer laptop or something like that. Just not an entry level model.

And that's also the reason why Apple might seem expensive to someone, they don't have entry level models. That's all there is to it.

Just look at the Ultrabooks. They try to compete with the MacBook Air in quality and style. And the Ultrabooks are similarly priced after Intel "pushed" them (and their prices) so heavily.

And keep in mind, the Ultrabooks are considered high quality products on the PC side of things. The MacBook Air is Apple's starter notebook!
Now the Air is not overpriced imo. It's a pretty powerful ultraportable. But their Macbook Pro's are highly overpriced for their hardware. For $1080, I got a Core i5/HD3000/Quadro NVS 4200m/4GB RAM/500GB HDD Thinkpad. I dropped in 4GB of RAM for $30. A comparable Macbook would be at least $600 more.

For $1000, the only Macbook I could get was less powerful and had fewer expansion options. Also, the store wants to charge you $200 for an extra 4GB of RAM. Haha what year did they get their prices from, 2000? I guess it doesn't matter because you can install it yourself, it's funny though.
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