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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

I would'nt be surprise if it is just as fast as a GTX 580.It is Build on the 28nm chip ,Plus a GTX 560 TI is a pretty fast card in it on right ,and it is build with a 256bit interface.So if this is a new chip ,I don't see it being slower then a GTX 560 Ti,unless it is build useing 128bit interface.I already new that they were going to release the slower modles first ,or least that has been the rummor for a while now.I just saying if they put out a 660Ti ,it should be faster then the old GTX 560Ti and if they sell it for $299 it should be a pretty good deal,I heard it supposed to be a replacement for the GTX 560 Ti ,and the GTX 560 TI was quiet a bit faster then the GTX 460 1gig card. .But who knows it all rummors right now,it could be thier lowest end card ,besides the HD7970 is a good card just to pricey ,but If I was AMD I would be selling them at a premium too,since the GTX 580 is still around $520 .
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