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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

I know that it's still a truckload of fillrate no matter what, but it isn't enough for the theoretical maximums that the chips are rated for, in terms of available memory bandwith, and the Fps calculations you made aren't quite right, since there's this little thing called triple buffering, so there's 2 extra frames already stored in memory ahead of the one that's being displayed on the LCD that very moment, so cut that by 3.

Then add antialiasing when each frame has 12 megapixels across 3 screens to begin with, and let's go with SSAA( super sampling AA), to force the GPU's to render at a higher internal resolution than the display resolution, and really push them to their limits fillrate wise.

Yes, i like to torture hardware, and i enjoy finding the breaking point...For instance, let's try the heaven benchmark at 7880*1440, and at up to 2X antialiasing, it can still play back normally, though the FPS figures are pretty low thru the entire benchmark(20~30 FPS).

Jack it up to 4X AA(and it's the MSAA variety to boot, not SSAA), and it displays a new frame every 30 secs....Nope, 3 water cooled GTX580's can no longer handle it anymore.
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