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Default Re: Post your ASIC Quality.

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
These are actually backwards, according to an AMD rep, high leakage parts actually clock higher. I'll see if I can dig up the explaination.
Here's the link:

Originally Posted by AMD’s Dave Baumann
Actually, it does the opposite! We scale the voltage based on leakage, so the higher leakage parts use lower voltage and the lower leakage parts use a higher voltage – what this is does narrow the entire TDP range of the product.

Everything is qualified at worst case anyway; all the TDP calcs and the fan settings are completed on the wors case for the product range.
Also, values above 100% are a bug atm, so I wouldn't trust the current GPU-Z results. I'm sure the next release or two will fix it.

Roadhog, what are the voltages for each of the cards you listed?
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