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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
would be nice if i could get help from someone one on the internet with this crap besides hearing o just buy it sthu... really sick of this idk yth i want to get this to run so bad i really don't.... i get it installed into vmware workstation 8 like im supposed to and i go to power it on and it hangs at the grey apple logo screen all this crap is really pissing me off
One thing I've noticed about you- you anger easily and seem to be short on patience. That might have something to do with why you're not getting the help you're after.

Not only that, people here have lives. I'm gone at work 10+ hours a day and I'm sure most here can claim the same.

While you're waiting for a response hit up google, maybe PM albo and see what he can do to help you as he's got an AMD based system as well.

Other wise shut the hell up. You make two posts might wait a day or two at the most then bitch about how nobody helps you. Stop bitching and be patient. We aren't paid for offering our assistance to you, any help you get here is free. The least you can do is stop whining and have some patience.

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