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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

Of course you're assuming Keplers won't be much faster than 7970s, which we don't know yet.

I'm just using as a base what's been happening for the last decade or so for cards of the same generation from both companies, where regardless of who's on top or who released first, and averaging the results across as many games/applications as possible, it's been a 20% gap between both, give or take a few percent.

No, i don't pay attention specific games at specific settings where it might be higher than that as a general rule, and even assuming it will be 20% faster on average isn't enough to make me wait 3~4~5 months extra either.

When i bought the GTX580's in november of 2010, just days after it's official release, and AMD didn't yet release the HD6970(showed up a month later give or take), wich at the time was being speculated that it would be same speed for less money or perhaps faster than the GTX580, i didn't wait there either and got the GTX580's, and that was just a month.

And now the situation is reversed, and AMD got their part out first, and Kepler may still be months away, and you expect people to wait for months for it's release?...Not with me as i am completely hardware agnostic, and either option is stupidly fast especially when using 4 cards like i am.
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