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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I'd just want a game to be released that could justify the price and performance of such a machine. It must be like having a Ferrari with a speed limiter on it....nice to look at n all but speed wont go above 30mph untill the Fords and Vauxhalls are powerfull enough to do the same. Yes i referenced consoles as Fords and Vauxhalls.....

Surround gaming is nice but how often do you look at the left and right monitors when gaming ? When i tried my friends surround setup with Dirt 3 and Logitech wheel and pedals etc etc I found my focus still only to be on the middle monitor....Is it a gimmick ?...Is it for the benefit of spectators for more of a wow factor ?...I have never tried surround gaming in 3D but i can't imagine it being much different with the focus being only on the middle screen.

I do hope some developers can release a game that will actualy make use of the system you have there shadow....

I actually play BF3 a lot and the way i setup the displays is such that the side ones are heavily angled towards me so that i can use my peripheral vision and see almost the entire display surface without moving my eyes...It takes a while to get it just right, but suffice to say on a few occasions where a member of the opposite team sees me from an angle that he thinks i can't see him and he wants a knife kill, just before he's close enough to pull it off, i switch to the handgun and put a bullet in his head....Always puts a smile on my face...

It's a fringe benefit but fun to watch when he's wondering how the hell i saw him coming....Another good example from the same game is flying helicopters or jets and seeing enemies both on the ground and in the air and getting on their tail before they even see me....The game is gorgeous when having such a wide field of view overall no matter what you do.

Games using all 12 CPU cores could develop some serious artificial intelligence and real physics well beyond the usual ragdoll stuff, and the latter is particularly funny when you kill an NPC and it stays in a death position that would made a professional contorsionist jeolous really...It's rare but it does happen.
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