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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
So apparently, with the upcoming release of Xbox 360 version in April, PC version will receive another small expansion for free. It's going to be about 3 hours long and take place in the third act of the game.
We'll also get two new locations, several quests, new in-game animations and movies and a summary of our choices after the game ends.

For anyone who still doesn't own this game, there will also be an Enhanced version available, that will include every update so far.

And btw. to celebrate this, has Witcher 2 on sale.
That is good to hear as most game devs do not offer this level of after sales support. The Witcher 2 is the game that got me into RPG's and i am very glad i took the plung. Finished my second playthrough taking the second path in that cross-roads quest (Where as i remained true to Trish the first time, i boned everything that moved the second)
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