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Default Re: Galaxy Nexus - Best phone ever!

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
iOS Notification Center is the worst thing you've ever seen and yet you're using Android... Do you use your phone with your eyes closed?
Oh definitely. Isn't that how you're supposed to use it?

I may have gone overboard with "worst thing I've ever seen" statement, considering prior to iOS5, that was true, but I still prefer Android to iOS5 notification center.

I have an iPod touch so I get Google voice messages and schedule reminders. That's great I don't get a giant blue box over top of my text for notifications anymore, but I still find the Android notifications to be more informative (lists each notification and how many, etc.). Neither one has an intrusive notification system anymore.

ICS is nice but their previous phone OS is just bad. I'm not sure if it's mostly because of the front ends, but the HTC and Samsung devices I've played around a bit so far seemed unpolished and not really fast to user input. Pure Android 2.x might be faster but it lacks in polish and user experience. ICS is different though. I'm really curious to see if HTC and Samsung manage to break that again with their horrible front ends
I'm using Gingerbread on a 2 year old Droid X. Still runs great, and I don't know what you mean by polish... it's informative and fast. Do you mean it's not pretty like Apple products?
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