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Default 4gb vs 16gb

Right now, I have OCZ Reaper ram, and I just purchased some G.Skill Sniper Ram (love the rifle on the heat spreader, too!).

I have run this ram for 2 years in this mobo. It was never approved ram, and I had to Over volt the ram to get it to work. It's rated @ 1.7v but I HAVE to run it at 1.8v just so I don't get 12 BSODs per day. I have never been able to overclock anything, either.
Occasionally I would get micro stutters, or program lockups.

So, I bought some Sniper ram rated @1.5v and is approved on my mobo on G.Skill's site. Will this alleviate the stuttering/lockups? I plan on OCing with this ram.

I couldn't help myself. $42.99 for 8GB, I had to buy 2.
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