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Default Re: Desktop freeze with 270.x drivers, KDE 4 and Compiz

So my initial workaround no longer works in KDE 4.8 since they removed the "Use Direct Rendering" checkbox.

And since nvidia is taking forever to release new drivers, I dug around some, and found that we can still work around.

If you set the environment variable:

before starting KDE, you can still use the effects. This works here with 275.36 and xorg-server 1.11.2. (In gentoo I did this by modifying the /etc/env.d/77kde file, then calling env-update, then restarting kdm)

It should work on the 285 drivers but that once crashes after I suspend to ram. And as everyone has found out the 290.10 driver doesn't recognize the DFP. Really wish nvidia would pull up its socks.
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