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Default Re: Honestly, why iphone?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
My mom has a Kindle Fire and I was really impressed by the device. What about it do you dislike?
its not bad, it just lacks a lot of the polish found in apple products. It is my first android device, although it runs a modified amazon version that requires you to get apps through the amazon android store, so this limits the amount of apps available. Theres no app for twitter, facebook, youtube, google maps, etc. Instead it relies on using the web browser for most things and that ends up being a laggier experience than the apps on my ipod touch. You can sideload android apps if you dl the .apk file and load them on your device, but the interfaces typically lack polish for the device with low resolution icons and such. Apps always run in the background eating up battery so you have to dl an app to manage tasks and kill processes to save battery. I got it mainly as an amazon prime streamer for the bedroom and it works fine for that purpose, although when initially buffering videos, it doesn't do any error correction so randomly screeches and messes up throughout the vid. 36mb down so shouldnt have problem, it just doesn't make sure the buffer is flawless. Its a good device for the price and I have fun playing with it but will probably sell it and get an ipad 3 if I feel like I want one
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