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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I'd just want a game to be released that could justify the price and performance of such a machine. It must be like having a Ferrari with a speed limiter on it....nice to look at n all but speed wont go above 30mph untill the Fords and Vauxhalls are powerfull enough to do the same. Yes i referenced consoles as Fords and Vauxhalls.....

Surround gaming is nice but how often do you look at the left and right monitors when gaming ? When i tried my friends surround setup with Dirt 3 and Logitech wheel and pedals etc etc I found my focus still only to be on the middle monitor....Is it a gimmick ?...Is it for the benefit of spectators for more of a wow factor ?...I have never tried surround gaming in 3D but i can't imagine it being much different with the focus being only on the middle screen.

I do hope some developers can release a game that will actualy make use of the system you have there shadow....
You are correct that you mainly focus on the center monitor, but having the other two in your peripheral vision make the game seem more immersive. (likely because it fills more of your field of vision with the game)

With 3d it's pretty much the same, although 3d in general adds more immersion as the scene gets depth. You look into the picture instead of at the picture.

I have been doing some gaming on my 30" 25X16 monitor lately, and playing Crysis2 on my 57 X 10 set as well (23.6" X 3)The surround is just more immersive, definitely not a "gimmick".

BTW- I've played on 6 panel EyeFinity as well, and feel sorry for anyone who got duped into that. The action is on the two middle monitors and you really notice the bezels. When they're in you're peripheral vision you tend to forget they are there because you're not looking directly at the. The way the playing field is divided with 6 panel, you're forced to look at the bezels.
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