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Default Re: Trend towards full image/video post processing in real time - thoughts?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Recently, I've begun to see a trend for developers, specifically on consoles to try and "cheat" hardware limitations by relying heavily on image post processing in the TV's themselves.

Most 120hz TV's nowadays have a feature that "smooths" the video that you're watching to simulate a full 60 frame per second motion. The problem is that the technology isn't perfect, and not everything that happens on screen is predictable by the image processor, so therefore, we get a chopped up effect where part of the image is moving at 60 fps, and the other part of the image is moving at 24 or 30 fps. It creates an almost disconnected feel where the game or video seems to be disjointed or uneven.
Actually, you can pretty much make a video to run constantly in 100fps (with better results than those of the early 120Hz TV's). Search for 60fps interpolation and you will find some guides. I'm running my videos in 100fps and, personally, I prefer them that way
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