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Default Re: TechReport: Very poor driver support for ATi 3d

Really, from that article it looks like both of them suck. The AMD one from it just seems to suck more with game support.

Playability when it did work seems to be the total opposite though.

From a seat-of-the-pants perspective, the Nvidia setup feels less fluid, with intermittent sputtering that compromises the illusion of motion. It's not less responsive mind you; we didn't notice any input delay or anything of the sort. There were, however, occasional skips and rare, subtle oscillations in movement speed and animation.
Here, we see how much time each card spends churning out frames that take longer than 50 ms to render. True to what we saw in the plots above, the Nvidia setup is at a considerable disadvantage. Evidently, the impact of stereo 3D isn't just limited to lower average frame rates (or higher average frame times). Frame-time spikes can be a serious problem. They threaten to damage the illusion of motion and make gameplay choppy.
Interesting article anyways. Maybe when 3D matures more, and we get 120hz IPS panels I might give it a try.
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