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Default glxgears really slow !!


Once again, I had to install a NVIDIA card under a SuSE distro. But this time, the card is a FX5200 (128Mb), and it's with SuSE 9.0. Aaaaaaaand, now there is this wonderful script edited by nvidia !!
So I made it simple :
init 3
init 5

And I was running the new drivers. Never done it that easily, I was really happy. I ran glxgears to check out... and I've only a 14 or 15 fps (at the default window size of glxgears). With my precedent card (only a 64Mb), I had at least 150fps !!

So I wonder : what's wrong ? I'm well running the nvIDIA drivers : xfree86 conf seems all right, nvidia is displayed at start of X and nvidia module is correctly loaded.

Where are the wonderful capacities of my card ?
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