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Default Re: AMD Leo Tech Demo.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
This is what ATi's driver team worked on for their next release- enjoy!

Next month they'll try to get Batman AC working......
Batman AC worked great on my 6970 on my 55" TV.

Well except for the game itself EATING MY ****ING SAVE GAMES.

Oh, wait, are you talking about 3d support again? You and the top 1% of PC gamers. Leaving nothing for us 99% at the bottom.

How can you be such a zealot? (MONEY) Each company has it's own strengths and weaknesses. I need three monitor support and ATI still is superior in that regard. I really like the RadeonPro, as well - reminds me of some of the older NV 3rd party tools that worked great.

I used 3dFX, then ATI for a few generations until I was sick of their ****, then I used NV for several generations... the better part of a decade.... God bless the 8800 GTX (even though I've gone through several RMA's due to squealing caps, I still love the thing) and then I've had two mid end ATI cards - the 5850 and 6970. Since I don't play in 3d, or play games within the release month, and I need three monitor support, I have VERY few problems with my setup. I tried going to a 570 a few months ago and was displeased with the 3rd party profile support and the inability to drive three monitors. It was a solid beast, don't get me wrong, but it didn't meet my needs.

I don't understand how you can be SO against ATI when they do so many things very well. There is tons that ATI doesn't do well, but NV isn't perfect either.

Why would you use a hammer to screw a nail? Use the best tool for the job, regardless of the label on the box.
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