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Default Re: AMD Leo Tech Demo.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
How can you be such a zealot? (MONEY) Each company has it's own strengths and weaknesses. I need three monitor support and ATI still is superior in that regard.
How is ATi superior to NVIDIA in three monitor support?

Last I heard, they had no 3d spanned across three monitors. They do have more cards that "can" do three monitor support on a single GPU, but that's a hollow victory at best.

The only card they make that I'd even consider three monitors with a single GPU is the 7970, and people who buy $550 cards aren't likely to settle for the trade offs and level of performance that would give them. They'd be FAR better off buying a couple 6970s for a few dollars more.

Which brings us back around to the CF drivers. Happen to catch my thread where I/others linked to 6-7 major review sites complaining about the CF drivers? And ATi's biggest fan Kyle Bennett of HardOCP posting he's been dissatisfied with the CF drivers for over a year?

I'm just helping people see all the factors in play when they spend their hard earned money on some gaming graphics cards.
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