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Default Re: AMD Leo Tech Demo.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
How is ATi superior to NVIDIA in three monitor support?

Last I heard, they had no 3d spanned across three monitors. They do have more cards that "can" do three monitor support on a single GPU, but that's a hollow victory at best.

The only card they make that I'd even consider three monitors with a single GPU is the 7970, and people who buy $550 cards aren't likely to settle for the trade offs and level of performance that would give them. They'd be FAR better off buying a couple 6970s for a few dollars more.

Which brings us back around to the CF drivers. Happen to catch my thread where I/others linked to 6-7 major review sites complaining about the CF drivers? And ATi's biggest fan Kyle Bennett of HardOCP posting he's been dissatisfied with the CF drivers for over a year?

I'm just helping people see all the factors in play when they spend their hard earned money on some gaming graphics cards.
I don't do triple monitor gaming, and have nice IPS monitors that won't do 3d. I do a lot of work from this machine in adition to gaming.

I'll agree that CrossFire support is still a joke. SLI is better, but it is still far from a perfect solution even after all these years.

Most of your posts ONLY focus on the negative of ATI while you defend any bad thing with NV. Most of us are here because we've really liked a single or multiple NV cards in our time. But I think as we get older we realize that each company has it's own problems - its just which set you can deal with. If you came across as critical (when it was due) on Nvidia products more often, you wouldn't be labeled a troll.
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