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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You do know there are a lot of people on the forums who are paid to post that I am "talking out of my ass" right?

I know of three PR firms that use viral marketing ATi/AMD have employed: High Road, Design Reactor, and Edelman. A lot of those people you see that mysteriously always have uber rigs, are always online, always post positive AMD and negative NVIDIA are just doing their jobs.

Fair enough...

No one is posting ANYTHING except unsubstantiated rumors at this point. Every one who knows at this point is under NDA and could lose their job and be prosecuted for leaking info. People like me with press NDA know very little, and won't until very near launch date.

Your logic is illogical "We've heard rumors about one chip but not another so the other one must be late". Are you SURE you want to put that out there and assert that I talk out of my ass? What you just posted makes no sense at all.

As far as mid range Kepler being around 7970 performance, that it not a stretch at all. With 7970s a measly 15-25% faster than a GTX580, and Kepler likely being 50% faster than a 580 or more, the 7970 will in all likelihood be as fast as the 2nd or 3rd tier Kepler part.

Sort of like the 570 was around the same speed as the 6970, the 5870 was around the same speed as the 470, etc.. ATi's cards are almost always around as fast as NVIDIA's 2nd or 3rd tier chips.

Then you can't tell people to wait either, because it'll be released on a given date, and will perform at this level since you don't know either, basically the rule for proven and substanciated information works in both directions, not just for other people but you as well....The link i posted is just a rumor too, and never suggested it as fact....All Nvidia can do right now is put up with a non ideal situation where their competitor got their next generation part out the door first(it's already happened a few times to be honest), and they can only fire back when they have something to actually show and until that point in time, just stay quiet...
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