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Default Re: AMD Leo Tech Demo.

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

Gotta' be honest, I really enjoyed the Ruby demos. No not so much because of Ruby () but because there was action, plots were kinda' vague but none the less they were entertaining. Also, for their times, the visuals were far more impressive.

It is odd though. Just the other day I DL'd all of AMD's tech demos and was thinking it a shame that neither AMD nor nVidia really put out any tech demos anymore. I remember way back when that was part of the hype for each of their upcoming products. AMD had Ruby, nVidia had, well, it changed with each new release. But it was cool. Kinda' wish both companies did more with tech demos.
I agree its not super impressive, looks wise. Its pretty impressive from a tech standpoint though, they are using a forward renderer but doing effects that you traditionally need a defered renderer for via DX11 compute.
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