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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I wish I had money to throw away on computer stuff,like I did before my house and car burned up.I would get a i7 2600K ,But my i7-920 at 4.2gigs after nearly three years is still a great chip.It still hold up very well if you look at reviews that have them clocked the same .So a i7-2600K and a i7-920 clocked at 4.2gigs shows very little increase in games and other benchmarks.The good thing about a 2600k is that you can overclock to around 5gigs plus it uses less power then a old i7-920 ,But is it worth upgradeing to a 2600k when I have a i7-920 running at 4.2gigs.If you don't have a lot of money to buy a new CPU plus you would need a new motherboard,but it would have SATA-6 and uSB-3,I don't know if that shows a increase in games or not have'nt look at the reviews.But at the momment I think I can get another year out of this set-up,plus if I really need some more juice for a certain game ,I can always run my TRI-SLI set-up.
I would honestly say No. The I7-920 is still a great CPU and you would never notice the difference changing to an SB setup.
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