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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

pvp i guess...

still trying to get a handle of the game...

game sure does throw a lot of skills at u fast..

need more ui customiztion options..i want to scale it down :/.

also adding second bar in this game is so puts the 12345 on top..then adds the new bar :/...i am manually redoing the keys so that bottom bar is 1234 and my top will be my custom keys..qertyfgh,cntrl+f,cntrl+q (yea...i used to pvp a lot in wow lol..i need my action bars all keyed up :P).

auction house is a bit of a pain to use...u can't really start searching until u narrow down ure field..sometimes i just want to go in type and hit search...

loving the quest tho..i just hit 23.

skills i went cybertech (seemed like the pvp jewelcrafting), and slicing/salvaging.
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