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Originally Posted by dukenukemz View Post
Have you checked the temperatures on your graphics chip? Lots of times your GPU could be overheating causing complete hard crashes of your system. I have a Asus G74SX with a GTX 560m and i just use the latest beta drivers from the nvidia website and they appear to work fine. I would check the temps on the card and also list what games / applications you are using when you expierence these crashes.
Hey, thanks for the reply. Temps were the first thing I checked. The max (that I saw) was 65c using afterburner, idles around 38-41c. These G7Xs are beasts for cooling, but I know a lot of them went out needing a re-paste on the gpu.

Games - I had more crashes 2d, just browsing the web, email etc.

I'll try a set off Nvidia's site and see what happens. I avoided using them as is because of all the posts I saw on notebookreview's forum about needing to use a modded .inf with these. Maybe a bad call on my part....wouldn't be the first time.

Thanks dukenukemz.
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