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Default TOH News - Updates, language pack, sample models, official betas

Lot things happened recently on the Take On Helicopters front so let me sum them up


patch 1.03 was released
then we released small language update for 1.03 patch, which includes French, German, Italian, Spanish languages next to English, Czech

read more:


we released full sample model of medium helicopter for model makers so they can learn / use it for TOH

read more:
download and details community WIKI:


we just started official beta branch (like for A2/OA games) which include new flight model , changes and improvements etc.

read more:

new TOH beta brings new surprise (tho expected) in post-process anti-aliasing modes
and that's implementation of SMAA (enhanced subpixel morphological antialiasing)
next to already existing FXAA (fast approximate AA),
btw. FXAA in TOH has FXAAsharpen filter hardcoded as enabled compared to OA where is optional in config

read readme_smaa.txt and readme_fxaa.txt for more details

more news later this or next week stay tuned and watch our pages
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