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Default Re: The Official HD 6000 Series Review thread

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Picked up a used 6970 yesterday for a couple hundred bucks and change. Planning on getting a second here soon for some crossfire action. I was going to pick up a 7970, but the availability is limited, and at the prices I paid, I'm going to get 2x6970's for a fraction of the cost of a 7970. I also wanted to try a multi-card solution once (never had SLi or Crossfire before). If I don't like it, I'll just sell one. I only game at 1920x1200, so I could get by with one.

I'll post some screenshots in the rig thread once they arrive (first one will be here Saturday, second one in early February)
That'll be a nice setup, ViN. I've contemplated going with 6970 Crossfire or a single 7970 as I can't afford two 7970s right now and am looking for some significant GPU power to max out Skyrim plus mods with. Been out of the game for almost two years now but have a lot of experience with both Crossfire and SLI. I like Crossfire better because it tends to scale better in most titles. I saw near 100% scaling in plenty of games when I had my 4870s, and when I went to quad-Crossfire that dropped to around 50%. Doesn't look like things have changed that much after reading through some recent reviews.

The only problem I ever had with Crossfire was getting it to scale on my HDTV. Sometimes the second card wouldn't scale at all. Then, hooked up to a PC monitor, fine. Odd scaling issues with my TV, though. I hope that ATi has improved their HDTV support from what it used to be because it used to be really spotty.

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