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Default Re: NVIDIA, please, fix Adobe Flash 10.2.x and 10.3.x

Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
For people running into either the "leaking overlay" or the "blue people" problems, I wrote a patch to designed to suppress them.
Thank you for your patch! I've got a question about the correct way to install it.
Is this the "correct" procedure:
1) Clone current libvdpau git HEAD, apply patch to it, autoreconf -f && configure && make && make install.
2) Head on to /usr/lib, remove /usr/lib/ symlink pointing to /usr/lib/vdpau/{nVIDIA_DRIVER_VER} and create a new symlink named /usr/lib/ pointing to newly installed /usr/lib/vdpau/

I.e., what I mean is a "what is the "general picture" on the vdpau libs installed on the system and their relation to each other?" question. May libvdpau* libs compiled from cloned git be used instead of the libs, installed by the display driver? What are the possible drawbacks in doing so, if any? What is the correct way to interchange libs, installed by the driver, and libs, installed as the result of libvdpau git clone/compile?

Thanks in advance for clarifications.
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