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Default Re: Official AMD FX Bulldozer review thread!

Discrete CPUs are no longer AMD's focus. That's why you have the KillDozer epic failure. They began work on this before they acquired ATi.

AMD's acquisition of ATI was so they could create Fusion. That's their baby and their main focus. It's been in their plans all along to merge the CPU with the GPU for an APU as that seems to be the direction things are moving in. Intel's also incorporating this strategy, although to a lesser extent.

I think discrete CPUs will be a thing of the past 4-5 years from now as even low-end laptops need graphics for today's tasks. What will be interesting to see is how well Intel can keep pace (or possibly outpace) AMD in the APU market considering there are better graphics engineers in-house at AMD through the ATI acquisition than are at Intel (or would seem to be at Intel.)

What we're looking at now is a milestone transition in the industry. You have Intel, who's specialized in discrete CPUs. Then you have AMD, who's specialized in both discrete CPUs and in GPUs through the ATI acquisition. Then you have Nvidia, who's specialized in discrete GPUs and now moving into CPUs through the mobile space.

Should be fun to watch play out.

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