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Default Re: Re: thankz for the help... oh wait

Originally posted by SuLinUX
Oh really, then good luck with your ATI cards and make sure you take a couple of packs of headache tablets.

What distro are you running?
oh really? how can it be a bigger headache than this?

want my hardware list?
PIII 1.1ghz X 2 / gigabyte 6vtxd / my old TNT2 card until i order one that works / 2 gig Kingston RAM / ST320430A harddrive / WD400BB-00CAA1 harddrive X 2 / IBM-DTLA-307030 harddrive X 2 / LG DVD burner 4x / TV capture card / sound / intel pro 1000 nic / debian sid / 2.4.23 kernel

anymore questions about my setup?

on a side note... the LG GSA-4040B dvd burner works amazingly well in linux with dvd+rw-tools for those that are wondering, I personally have had bad experience with dvdrecord (competitor of dvd+rw-tools). burns a full DVD in about 13 minutes (4x).
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