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Default Re: Check your accounts - D3 beta approvals sent out

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Then clearly you really weren't into Diablo 2 then. And again you still need to Identify stuff, just now it doesn't cost you anything but a cool down, my question is why even put unidentified items in the game if all it takes is a right click to identify them. It sounds to me they kept it in the game just to add that Diablo feel without actual gameplay reasoning behind it.

And stats are needed in the game to differentiate your character. If Armor is the only thing that makes a character different then that is just stupid.
They've done the same thing to WoW with the new expansion. Instead of three skill trees and 75 talent points to spend you get no skill trees and 6 talents to choose from across 90 levels.

Blizzard isn't happy with the millions of fans they have, they are trying to get everyone playing games. In order for that to work you have to dumb the games down to a level that even the cow clickers can play it.

Welcome to the new Blizzard.
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