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Default Anybody have Security+, or Windows 7 MCTS?

I'm thinking about Security+ and I'm wondering how difficult this test is. Currently I have A+ and Network+. A+ was very easy, and I was told I was the fastest person the tester had ever seen take the test. Network+ was more challenging, and I only got 713 with 646 being a passing score.

What can you say about the Security+ exam?

I'm also considering the Windows 7 MCTS exam, since it is presumably the easiest MS test, but I hear there is only one decent book (Cert Guide), as the official MS Press book is full of errors and requires an 85 page errata that you must continually cross reference. I've also heard you pretty much have to build a Server 2008 network to do the labs with if you want any hope of passing it. I don't have the money or space to setup something like that, so I might not even bother with this test.

What can you say about the Windows 7 MCTS (70-680) exam?

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