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Default Re: Booting from DVD...

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but look in the bios for something like usb emulation mode. If it's off turn it on, if it's on turn it off. That should make it so you won't need to use the ps2 keyboard workaround the next time you put in a boot disc.

Where it says audio device on HD audio bus, can you right click, choose properties. Goto the details tab. Then in the drop down choose hardware IDs. All creative cards should start with: VEN_1102&DEV_0005

If it doesn't have VEN_1102 then chances are it's not a creative card and is the wrong device. Try to find the correct device that is VEN_1102.

I've had issues where the card wasn't sitting correctly in the slot or something. I unplugged it and swapped another card into that slot, let it install. Then put the sound card back in and it seemed to work the 2nd time. I think somewhere I botched the drivers because I was swapping two creative sound cards out from the same slot.

If that is the correct device, you can try to manually force the driver onto the card. Right click on the HD audio bus, right click and choose properties. Go to the properties tab, then click update driver. Tell it no you don't want to connect to windows update, and choose the advanced driver install method. Click don't search I will choose driver to install. Click the have disk button the next screen. Now you will need to browse to the folder the driver is installed in. This is the tricky part. First you will need to run the setup from the driver file you downloaded. Rather than click next through the wizard, minimize the screen. Mine extracted the drivers into C:\windows\temp\CRF000 Yours may or may not be in the same folder. If it is, you should be able to browse to drivers > SBXF > wdm and inside that folder should be a wdma_emu.inf file or something else with .inf extension. Use that full path on the wizard and click okay. (C:\windows\temp\CFR000\drivers\SBXF\wdm) It should bring up a list of sound cards to install with. If it tells you that there is no compatible hardware or something like that then it doesn't see the correct vendor ID string in the inf file that matches your card. That probably means you need to find another driver. (You could try again with the drivers > XFHX > WDM folder as well)
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