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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51

I dont like them.. 290.53 were better in Bf3, less streaming stuttering in Metro map (outside)

Also there is a smoke issue with ultra setting, it has a see trough effect on certain buildings, it goes away on high. 290.53 were fine even on ultra.

So far only good driver since r270 is 285.62 and 285.79... nvidia watcha doin?


This is weird, now with 295.51 i can use my std OC again.

Cpu 3.6ghz, ram 1080mhz and also advanced timings at auto (5-5-9-70-5-prf.lvl.7-auto-2t).

This passed Re5 dx10 - both variable/fixed benchmark without fps drops by changing camera angles - im really surprised about that, because it would cause fps drops with higher tRFC 82, compared to 290.37 that stabilized it..
I then tested max 1092mhz with adv timings at auto just to see if it would pass, but yeah tRFC 70 is to tight.

well i never used this low timings and passed something like Re5 dx10- variable test, esp now with all 4 ram slots filled.

With older 290.37 driver i had to raise my adv timing(s) like so 5-5-10-82-5-prf.lvl7-auto-2t or it would freeze with high pitch sound.. It can happen in very cpu/ram intense games like LP2 dx11-variable test, Re5 dx10-variable test, Teamfortress2 - 32player maps, MEtro2033 - benchmark (high mode, dx11), Dirt3, i didnt have BF3 yet when i used these drivers.

now with 290.53 I saw quite a few people having the same problems as me - mostly LGA775. They had to either raise timings/voltage or lower OC, or get bsod.. lol i got a couple of bsod too in Dirt3 until i raised that timing in bold (tRFC or act to act delay), with 290.37 i could use 82 with 290.53 it failed even at 90 - in BF3 with *peeeeeeeep* high pitch sound freeze.. In the end i had to lower my OC from 3.60ghz to 3.56ghz, ram 1068mhz and passed BF3 ~3hrs.

Looks like nvidia really listened..

Im gonna see how it goes now, lol Bf3 will tell really quick
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