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Originally posted by jmahler
nope.... i tried NvAGP = 0

and yes it's in lsmod

wana know all that i've tried?

debain sid (original)
slackware 9.0
debian sid (new install)

2.4.23 (2.4.22 has issues with my IDE controller)

driver versions:
4??? (all of them)

agp options:

color depths:

XFree versions:

basically take a permutation of all those and that's what i tried over a few days, without any luck.

i can't believe someone would say lsmod after my comments, but thanks for the attempt. atleast u tried unlike everyone else.
yes I have read that you have done a modprobe, but you know some people are beginner (I am too), and sometime, they do the modprobe or insmod, and it's not working for another reason, so they reboot and they forgot to insert the module again. and it's not working... sorry...

now than I know more about you, and I'm sure that the driver is loaded all I can say is that is your card is working (test it under windows, because I had a ti200 geforce 3 that was working really well in 2D mode and crashing in 3D mode)....

update your motherboard bios

what is the chipset of your motherboard ? is it recognised ? -> lspci -v

you have tried 2 debian but SID...why not using a stable version ?
I personaly run under woody debian with a geforce4mx 440 and a KT400 chipset from VIA and you can believe me it was hard for me to get it working...

so don't panic, we will find a solution.
take a paper, write all you are doing and I'm sure that if you're card is supported by the driver it will work.

don't hesitate to post what you do, maybe someone will have an idea. reply to the questions....

good luck
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