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Default Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Benchmark Thread.

Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
Well i ran at 1200 mhz and memory like 1530mhz, it was alot slower than my 1125mhz something wasn't right so I tried to reset and voltage and default mhz was screwed up. so messing with the msi afterburner cfg, got the program wacky. removed it and reinstalled, same thing all wacky. so I unistalled msi afterburner and just use the ATI drivers 1125mhz, 1575 mhz memory, everything is well. so I'm just using Ati drivers works well for me. Plenty fast enough too.
Probably too high on the memory. The memory has error correction, so if you OC it too far, you can actually get slower results. Try to pull back on the memory speed and keep the GPU at the same speed if you try again.
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