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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by fasedww View Post
Yeah my heatkiller cpu block is awesome, I think your right there Roadhog, I think I'll get them next watercool block Job. Why are they so slow getting them to market?.

Problems with my EK blocks...

1. One block came with different thermal pads, and about 2x more than needed. I used the extra thermal pads that came with the one block to install on two blocks since they were sticky and seemed better quality. What do you know? The card with the non sticky pads runs hotter...

2. The block design is pretty meh, so is the machining compared to the Heatkiller ones.

3. The mounting system is pretty ghetto too compared to the Heatkillers. No alignment holes, and it didn't use the factory core bracket either. Just some ghetto screws with washers.

3. The barb washer whatever it is the dumbest thing i've seen. It is too long for medium length threaded fittings.

4. The blocks are too skinny and if you thread in a fitting with medium length threads (Bitspower D-plugs) it cuts off half your flow since you can't use the spacers. Heatkiller blocks allowed any length of thread to be used without affecting flow by making the area where the barbs thread into thicker. Dunno why EK couldn't think of that.

5. No pre cut thermal pads. Lazy mode. Heatkiller blocks came with high quality pre cut pads.
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