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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

And there is also this

posted on the Bethesda forum :

"Small tip to getting higher benchmark scores - the following commands help out:

jobs_numThreads 'X' - number of threads to use for the game - defaults to 2. If set to 4, the score should pretty much double (assuming you have 4 or more cores), halve at 1 et.c. This setting should be lower than the amount of physical cores in your processor (ideally: half the amount, rounded down) while playing however, as a setting of exactly the amount of cores in the processor will cause significant performance drops and/or freezes while playing as the entire CPU will be busy.

vt_splitTranscodeJobs 'X' - (either 0: OFF or 1: ON). This will split the transcoding jobs into two threads per page. Seems to be an optimization for hyperthreaded processors (various Intel i7 processors, Xbox 360's Xenon CPU) - disabling seems to improve performance on my AMD cpu (jobs_numThreads 1: 16 (on) vs. 23 (off), jobs_numThreads 2: 32 (on) vs. 46 (off), jobs_numThreads 3: 47 (on) vs. 67 (off), jobs_numThreads 4: 53 (on) vs. 74 (off)).

From those results, I was able to speed up the texture transcoding process by about ~50% simply by using that command.

If you find the noise-amount to be a bit too much at times, you can configure the noise amount to apply in the console with the following command:

vt_upsampleNoise X

"X" being the desired amount (default: 8).

I saw this last night when I was playing Rage, I set the Noise level at 2, and it looks a lot nicer (textures are still sharp, but don't look like they have film grain effect).
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