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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51

No Bf3 didnt pass, but it took much longer then 290.xx at same timings heh, all 290.xx in matter of minutes now ~ 40-45min..

I played whole map Canals?, but then the server switched to Metro and after ~ 15min it happened - High pitch sound, i raised tRFC from 70 to 76 and it seemed to have helped and stopped, i didnt play long enough to say its 100% cured (with 290.xx i have to use tRFC 80+ even at std 1068mhz).

Also there is some weird stuttering in Metro map (outside) mostly or only Metro, i saw at least 5-6 people reporting the same. It was practically super smooth with 290.xx compared to these 295.xx and without any smoke issues at ultra.. Also they did something with anti aliasing and now its uglier. A lot of objects are either missing AA or very low quality - this is with 4xmsaa, no post aa.


And It is still stalling with flash content (10-15sec), usually only when i start the browser for the first time and open flash based site that has youtube videos on it. No issues with aero or anything like that, i saw a few saying its switching aero on and off.. Im using the latest FF10 based browser waterfox 10 (64bit). It happened on FF9 too (32bit).
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