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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Drop any CPU / GPU overclocks and test. The issues don't sound Nvidia driver related. Even the weird stuttering, if your PC is too overclocked you may get that before a crash. I had something similar at 4.8Ghz and back off to 4.6 or 4.7ghz and didn't have a problem. For some reason 4.8Ghz CPU overclock wasn't 100% stable in BF3 but all other games were fine...and it would get strangely choppy before it would crash on me too.

Passed hours of prime / linx, etc but BF3 caused my PC to crash with the higher CPU overclock. I think you need to back off everything to stock and retest these. Your overclock may need to be backed off a touch.

Im almost 100% sure its nvidia driver, they tried to squeeze some extra perf. out of the system (main ram) and then it started happening 290.37, esp. 290.53.. Most people got BSOD or hard lock freeze, i had a couple too until i changed my timings and voltage.

yeah im at lower OC atm, because with 290.53+ I had to drop down my OC (in signature) or it would freeze, it was fine at 3.6ghz (ram 1080mhz) before 290.xx it would hardlock no matter what tRFC or std 5-5-5-18, even at 5-6-6-18 timings..

Also BF3 is definitely more choppy with 295.51 >> Metro map TDM, even at my standard lower OC that passed 290.53 3-4hr BF3 64player map session (as in signature atm), the rest is ok Caspian Border, Canals etc., ok that's if i ignore lower AA quality.

Edit: its HBAO that leaks memory + effects on ultra that cause see through effect and streaming stutter in Metro level..

Metro - outside (TDM part of the map) starts at 780mb and rises to 1178mb in 1-2min or every respawn,

Canals (TDM part) starts at 900mb rises to ~1240mb. Idk what was with 290.53 didn't monitor it.

With SSAO stays at ~ 1060mb even with effects on ultra. But the streaming choppiness remains, its only 2-3 spots but still kinda annoying (its almost none at effects on high and ssao) and like i said it wasnt so pronounced with 290.xx (HBAO, effects ultra)..

And im back to lower OC, yeah damn BF3 is too much on my MCH with tight ram timings and r290.xx+.

Btw, if you crashed in BF3 but passed other stuff like linx/IBT,.., then its your voltage QPI/PPL, cpuv too low or to high, same goes for advanced timings.. Test BF3 and you will see
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