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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

The imbalance of pvp is really killing this game for me. I half the reason why I play mmos are for pvp. Right now even with the so-called "nerf" of Ops they still can take you down in no time flat. If I go up against any other class on my Sorc I can win most but it is always a battle. With a Ops, they just pop behind you, open shot you, stun your ass and you are dead. After the nerf they pop behind you, stun your ass and you may get to run away a bit before they catch up and finish you off. It is really pathetic. The worst part are all the ops in the forums crying about the nerf. These twits have no idea that it really is disgusting how easy they can kill people. It should not be this way. In fact a lot of subscribers are threatening to stop playing till they fix that stupidly broken class.
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