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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I didn't see any difference in high to ultra and it's well documented it's meant for dual GPUs so that people with $1000 in GPUs don't feel ripped off... it's that 11 setting that can make people feel their investment was worth it... in reality I don't see a difference...and I'm using 1 GPU so, oh well.

I run SSAO, High. I know everyone has this intense desire to max everything out... but this is one time where ultra isn't worth it. Drop it to high, use SSAO and voila your problem with stuttering is solved
Im at lower reso so everything on ultra isn't a problem (except blur off and no post fxaa)
Lowest fps i saw was ~52fps otherwise 69fps cap -BF3 cfg tool fps limit option, default is 200fps.

Anyway it was fine before with 290.53 all on ultra, but now i have to lower those 2 values to get the same perf? idk that sucks., also AA looks worse with 295.51

I hope nvidia fixes all these new issues soon.
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