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Default Re: NVIDIA's 2012 Kepler lineup revealed (possibly)

Apparently they're fake?

Some say there are no hot clocks by core:shader ratio, Idk i didn't saw such info.

But if its true, GK110 670gtx a 570gtx replacement is nothing special.
idk only 20% faster and full 1024core 45%? that's a 7970 at 1050-1350mhz

lol I would like it to be at least 65% or even 70%

Then there is the price 500$= 500€, but yeah 570gtx is still selling for 280-350€.. So those 500$ look kinda logical atm., but then again its still too expensive for what it offers, same goes for 7970.

and the "famous" GK104 made it only to ~580gtx perf., i think i won't have any trouble with this 570gtx for 1 more year and wait for 28nm refresh

lol at 900mhz im at 580gtx ~875mhz perf.
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