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Default [BUG] 295.09 and 295.17 break X11 DPMS

Bug report: X11 DPMS breaks in both of the recent 295 series NVIDIA Linux x86_64 binary drivers.

Steps to reproduce:
- Run "xset force dpms off" in a terminal
- OR wait until the gnome-settings-daemon idle timer shuts off the display

What should happen:
- The screen blanks, then the backlight turns off. Moving the cursor or typing on the keyboard wakes the screen again.

What actually happens:
- The screen blanks, but the backlight does not turn off. Sometimes, moving the cursor or typing wakes brings back the desktop. Often, however, a terminal switch is required to rescue the desktop.

- Macbook Air 3,2. GeForce 320M chipset, LVDS panel LCD

- Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric), fully up-to-date plus -proposed but otherwise stock.

Other notes:
- The 290.10 driver works fine
- The screen shuts off as expected if one issues the command "sudo vbetool dpms off" - however, a mode switch is always required to restore the X desktop.
- I'm using the apple_bl kernel module and "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1" to enable backlight brightness control using the keyboard hotkeys. Brightness control still works fine - including at brightness 0, at which the backlight is fully off.

Please find attached a bug report log.
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