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Default Re: NVIDIA's 2012 Kepler lineup revealed (possibly)

Ehh those numbers look way too good to be true...

Nvidia Kepler GTX680

850MHz Core clock
2 GB 5.5GHz GDDR5 Memory
1024 Stream Processors
512bit Bus Width
Priced at $649
45% faster than HD 7970

Nvidia has a clear winner in its hands and that’s why they have commented that they had expected much more from AMD. But still we already know that AMD is preparing its revised GCN HD 8000 series graphic cards, which may be release in the latter half of this year.
Nvidia Kepler GTX670

850MHz Core clock
1.75 GB 5GHz GDDR5 Memory
896 Stream Processors
448bit Bus Width
Priced at $499
20% faster than HD 7970
The second tier 670 is 20% faster than 7970? Typically the x70 cards match the performance or slightly beat the previous x80 card.
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