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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Awesome! Good luck with CF!

Love the case. I had the long version (as well?) years ago and really loved it. But it wasn't great for a lot of HDDs and a larger PSU so I had to get a different case.

Crossfire has been much easier to use than I expected to be honest. The Catalyst Application Profiles handle most modern games very well. I got a very nice boost in BF3 at ultra settings and each GPU uses runs at about 85-95% load. It's nice to see them both being used. I played MW3 for a bit too and it was only using about 15-20% of each GPU lol.

Temperatures get a little warm on the primary card (tight spacing). I put in a spacer to separate the cards a little, and with a custom fan speed/temperature curve, it keeps it around 60C. It is loud when the fan speeds up, but with my closed headphones, I can't hear a thing.
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