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Default Re: Can't install linux binary 290.10 or 295.17 on kernel 3.2.5

Originally Posted by towo| View Post
There is no patch needed for kernel 3.2.x.
Well I beg to differ! Like I said, tested with 3.2.5 and the install FAILS!

After applying the patch, I was able to install the driver!

FYI - I managed to get this snippet from a cached copy of the previously posted link (thank you):

Extract the nvidia installer package with -x as argument passed to the sh package then go in the folder it was extracted to (should be /tmp)

Then go to the kernel sub folder and open the search for

CFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include” and replace it with CFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include -I$SOURCES/arch/x86/include/generated”

this way the files needed for the conftest will be included and it will succeed.
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