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Default Re: End the insanity!!! (FF10 ESR)

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
So Q, would this version of FF interest you, or are you going to stick to the main channel? Just curious if the updating has become a problem.
The constant updates haven't bothered me too much. I use a small handful of plugins...

Adblock plus

Since about FF 4 or 5 I haven't had any of the above plugins not work with an update. Just started using Free Download Manager and was disappointed that the plugin worked in 9 not 10 - if I cared enough I could find a work around.

I've been sticking with Firefox since the Mozilla Browser years. I have my qualms with it. Flash has been awful for the last few versions and would lock up the browser forcing a hard kill of it or plugin-container.

I really like a lot of what Chrome is doing. I like that I can sync my entire profile - extensions included. (Even though the configuration of said extensions varies per machine). I think the quick user profile switching is really cool, as well. I'm a huge Xmarks fan - it just works great in Firefox. It is finally in a decent state with Chrome and certainly better than the native syncing in Firefox or Chrome. For a while it was HORRIBLE on Chrome. It really seems that any extension with Chrome is just extremely limited compared to what is possible on Firefox. I understand the technical background and reasoning for the differences, but I'm a power user with a certain set of needs. For the average Joe, Chrome is far more appealing.

Chrome's bookmark system is still as awful as ever for a power user. There are several small things that bug me that keep me away, as well. The program itself - not the web pages it renders - just has a very "web" feel to it. Look at the options menus and such - it just doesn't feel like a native app. Sometimes I even see some "tearing" or some sort of artifact in the UI - Chrome itself is built on web technologies so I've read. I like the "sandbox" idea with Chrome, but I wish that the sand boxing did not result in a Windows process for every window and extension. Task Manager becomes a mess with Chrome running.

On the flip side, I really like the "Apps" idea that Chrome is running with. It's a fantastic light weight browser that seamlessly auto updates and is very secure. It's a fantastic fit for many users, especially if you're already using Google Apps.

To answer the question, I'm going to stay on the normal release schedule personally. The plugins work great.

In the enterprise Firefox still has a LOT of catching up to do. The constant release cycles have been very painful for my desktop support group. We try to run a least privilege shop when possible, so the constant updates are a pain. Chrome is great since it lives in the user profile AND it has fantastic packaging and GPO support for a third party browser.

Edit: For the record, I use Chrome and Firefox at work while just FF at home. We're a Google Apps shop and I have my own Gmail account. With the quick user switching it becomes very pleasant to access both accounts simultaneously. I really like the desktop notification support for calendar events, which you only get with Chrome, but if you leave your browser open for more than a day many events get "stuck" above your task bar and you have to kill the app and sometimes your Windows session if it grows too crazy.
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